We all struggle with something at some point in our lives..only with the evilness we allow to happen inside of us. Most situations we face are planned, not with the intention to harm us, but merely to build us…so how will you ever know your true worth, true strength and true power if you’ve never been through it at all? There may be times when you feel alone, as if you been left out in the cold and darkness to die. Just remember that you’re never alone! No matter how difficult things may seem in a moment of distress or panic, there is light at the end of darkness, just like the transformation from day to night, and vice versa, and neither one is permanent. Yes, this too shall AND will pass, at some point. I promise. And when the going gets tough, just pray on it. You’ll find the guidance to march right through the unfortunate harsh realities life has to offer. Consequently, it happens to the best of us. So pray, let go and let God.

#mystory #creativewriting #inspiration #newbiewriter #futureauthor #embellishingmyskills #lifestyle #faithhopeandlove #faith

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